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May 2018 Newsletter


The Mother Goose Program / Pre-Kindergarten Graduation is scheduled for Wednesday, June 13th at 10:30 AM.  As seating is limited, we must ask that each child be limited to two to three guests.

The end-of-school year parties are scheduled for Thursday and Friday, June 21st and 22nd.


On Wednesday, June 20th, we are planning a field day/pizza party at Little Folks.  The pre-kindergarten students will enjoy various games on the playground and a pizza party at school. Little Folks will supply all food and drinks.

The preschool class will have a pizza party at the school.


Please return all pledges.  Thank you to all who contributed to the Hop-a-Thon for Muscular Dystrophy.  Your generosity is appreciated.


Please be sure that all of your child’s outer wear is clearly labeled on the inside with his / her name.  If items are left at the school we will then know who to return them to. 


We will soon have a visit from Mother Goose and Michelle’s Menagerie.


Little Folks will be closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day.



The last day of school for those not attending the Summer Camp will be Friday, June 22nd.  Summer Enrichment Camp will begin on Monday, June 25th.  Summer Enrichment Camp is open to all students on a part-time or full-time basis  –  depending on availability.  Children may attend Session I or Session II or for the entire summer.  Summer camp activities include the sprinkler, field trips, arts & crafts, T-shirt painting, cake decorating, make-your-own sundaes, cookout, creative storytelling, the Olympics, computers, games and music, as well as a review of all of the academics taught throughout the school year in accordance with the Department of Education Common Core Standards.

Please return all summer and September registration forms if you have not already done so.  If we have not heard otherwise, we assume that your child will be continuing with the Summer Program.  There are still some openings available for the September preschool and pre-kindergarten programs.

If you paid a deposit at the start of the year, it will be credited to your child’s last two weeks of enrollment in June if you have notified us in writing that your child will not be attending the Summer Program, or the last two weeks of the Summer Enrichment Camp.  If your child is returning in September, this deposit will be held over and applied to next year’s last weeks.

Now that the nice weather has arrived, we will be spending some of the day outside on the playground.  If your child is prone to sunburn you may want to apply sunscreen to him/her before he/she comes to school.

PRE – KINDERGARTEN  –  Mrs. Donaghey and Mrs. Drapeau

Where did the month of April go?  It’s hard to believe that the end of the school year is less than two months away.   As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Well, it did not rain more in April.  After tracking the weather for the entire month, our graph showed that it only rained on 7 days.   In fact, sunny days won with 16, there were 6 cloudy days, and 1 snow day.  The children learned about different types of storms:  hurricanes, tornados, thunder, and snow.  We made a list of appropriate attire to wear for each different season.  Did your child show you the booklet they colored for the different seasons?   We had an interactive story this month:  The Umbrella.  Ask your child what were some of the animals that went into the umbrella?  (kinkajou, toucan, monkey, jaguar and a tapir)

Some of the experiments we conducted were: To see what items would blow in the wind and which ones would not.  We used a hair dryer to make the wind.  We also created a funnel by putting water into a jor along with food coloring and swirling it around.

Some of the books we read this month were:  Nature’s Fury; Little Cloud; Down Comes the Rain; and Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll. Here are some of the new words the children learned: forecast, temperature, funnel, meteorologist, and thermometer.  Also, ask your child what we used to do the cloud races? (cotton ball and straw). The month of May- Spring is in the air.  The green is sprouting all over.  The blossoms are blossoming and the flowers are flowering.   Our theme for the month will be bugs and plants.  We will also learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.  We will be practicing for our Graduation Program to be held on

Wednesday, June 13th.

Our activities will be as follows:

ACADEMICS :  Number – 2; and review letters and numbers.

ART:  Butterflies, flowers, bugs, and a special surprise for Mother’s Day.


PRE SCHOOL – Ms. Sarah, Mrs. Lilley and Ms. Stephanie

May is here!  It’s hard to believe that those long, lazy days of summer are just around the corner!  April was a busy month!  We’ve learned so much!  The color for April was purple and the shape was the oval.

We made birds, flowers, umbrellas, and flowers in pots. The letters this month were “Uu” for umbrella and “Jj” for jelly bean.   We learned about animals that hatch from an egg.  The birds are back!  We talked about nests and birds we see in our backyard – the robin, cardinal, woodpecker, gold finch and blue jay.  We made flamingos and a peacock.  Spring has sprung in our room!

May is going to be just as busy. We are going to review all the shapes and colors we have learned throughout the year.  We will continue to work on cutting with scissors and tracing.  We will continue to review our letters.  We will start our unit on Bugs.

We will be working on something extra special for our “Moms” for Mother’s Day


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