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January 2019 Newsletter


Little Folks Day School will be closed on Monday, January 21st in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday.

Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Natalie who were with us during the summer have returned for a few weeks while they are on their winter breaks from college!


As stated in the handbook, Little Folks will be open provided teachers can travel safely and are therefore available.  We have only had to close 4 days in the past 34 years.  If the Woburn Public Schools cancel school due to snow or if they have any type of a delayed opening due to snow, Little Folks will have a one hour delay in opening that day.  In either of these cases, Little Folks will open at 8AM instead of 7AM.  We have to close if a state of emergency is declared or if the governor states that people should not be on the roads except for an emergency.  If you call the school in the morning, the answering machine will inform you of any cancellation or delay in opening. You may also log on to  where any closing or delay will be displayed on this website or the WHDH mobile app. You may also log onto the Little Folks Day School website ( where the information on a closing or delay will be posted. 


Please continue to send in the boxtops and labels from specially marked products.  Thank you to all who have been participating!


We will soon be starting our Community Helpers Program.  We invite various members of the community and any interested parents to visit the school and speak to the students about their various occupations or hobbies.  If you would like to participate, or have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.  Thank you in advance to all volunteers.  It is with your help that the program runs successfully.


Registration for the Summer Enrichment Program and the September 2019 Program will begin at the end of this month.  Registration forms with additional information will be sent home.  Students who are currently enrolled at Little Folks and their siblings are given preference for available openings before registration is opened to the general public.  For that reason, we ask that you return the registration forms promptly.


February 18th to the 22nd is a public school vacation week.  Little Folks will be open.

Anyone who wishes to take this week as their one week of vacation must sign up for it before

Friday, February 8th.  The sign-up sheet will be posted on the office door.


Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the winter weather.  We will still be going outside from time to time when there is not a lot of snow, or it is not freezing cold, therefore, all parents should be sure their children are dressed warmly enough to play outside.  They do not have to have all of their “snow gear” as we will not be outside if there is a lot of snow on the playground. All students should have hats and mittens or gloves.  All outerwear should be labeled with the child’s name.


At this time of year it is again important to remember the following parts of our Health Care Policy.  The complete policy is posted in each classroom and the office.

Management of Infectious Diseases

The director, assistant director or lead teacher may make the decision to exclude a child from the school based upon their observation of the child.

No child is permitted to attend school in the event of:

  1. Weeping or bloody skin or mouth sores that cannot be successfully covered or controlled with medication.

All staff members should take note DAILY of the color and condition of a child’s skin, eyes and overall appearance.  Staff should watch for the following symptoms and bring them to the immediate attention of the director:

  1. Watery, inflamed eyes or crusty eyes or eyelids.
  2. Glazed appearance of eyes.
  3. Dry cough.
  4. Inflamed nostrils.
  5. Heavy nasal discharge.
  6. Unusual irritability.
  7. Rash, sores, flushed appearance, clamminess, pallor or other unusual conditions of the skin.
  8. Contagious diseases, i.e. chicken pox, especially if it is prevalent in the community.

Upon observation of any of the above symptoms, the child’s parent shall be notified and expected to take the child home immediately. A child who is unable to participate fully in the school program should be kept at home.  If a child is sent home from school after vomiting, running a fever, or having anything that is contagious; the child must remain at home the following day so they have time to recuperate and do not to expose other children to the illness. Whenever there is any doubt about the child’s health, the parent shall be asked to keep the child home for the next day.

Administration of Medication:  The teachers and director are prohibited by law from administering any prescription or non-prescription medication to a child without the written order of a physician (which may include the label on a prescription medication) which indicates the medication is for a specific child.  The child’s parent must also complete an authorization form.  Prescriptions must be in the original container. 


PRE-KINDERGARTEN –   Mrs. Donaghey, Ms Deb, Ms Linda & Ms Sarah

Happy New Year!  We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.  The children were busy little elves getting our room ready for the occasions.  They made all sorts of decorations: wreaths, reindeer, candy canes, candles and presents.  They even made lights to hang up on the tree and stockings to be hung by the fireplace. We used two different math methods for our countdown to Christmas:  (1) each day we cut off a link from our chain and (2) we glued a cotton ball on each day of the week to fill up Santa’s beard.  The children learned about the Jewish holiday called Hanukkah.  It lasts for 8 days and each night at sundown a candle is lighted on the menorah.  Children play with dreidels and eat chocolate coins called Gelt.

Did you like your ornament?  The children took great care in choosing which ornament to decorate.  They also did an awesome job on their cards.  We had a visit from Santa.  The children got to sit on his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas.  We had lots of fun at our Holiday Parties. Everyone danced, sang, and ate too much.  A big thank-you to all who brought in treats for our parties!

Some of the books we read were: The Night Before Christmas,  Light the Lights, Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve?,  and their favorite, It’s Christmas, David!.

For the month of January, the children will learn about some of the animals that live in the Arctic Region and Antarctica, hibernation, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Academics:  Shape – Star; Number 9; Color – Yellow.  Our new letters include: Ll, Mm, Nn and  Oo.   We will review the letters we have already learned (Aa to Kk). We will also start writing our first names.

Art Projects: penguins, snowflakes, mittens, skates, hats, and polar animals.

Thank you for all of the thoughtfulness and generosity extended to us during the holiday season!

PRESCHOOL –  Ms. Stephanie, Mrs. Lilley and Ms. Angelee

Happy 2019!  We hope everyone had wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year with family. We were busy decorating our room for the holidays.  We made candy canes, stockings, Christmas lights, presents, ornaments, Santas, holly and an extra special gift for our Moms and Dads.  We also made a class Christmas train.  We enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus!

Some of the books we read were: Christmas Is Coming, How the Grinch Stole Christmas,  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and The Polar Express.   We learned to recognize the letter:  “Jj” for Jingle Bells.   The color for December was Green and the shape was the Rectangle.  We had such a great time at the Holiday Parties.  A great big “Thank You” to all who brought in goodies for our parties and especially for all of the thoughtfulness and generosity extended to us during the holiday season.

January will be just as busy.  Alphabet recognition will continue.  We will be learning how to cut with scissors and we will learn about Polar Animals.  Our color for January is Yellow and our shape is the Star.

Enjoy the winter weather and stay warm !!!

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