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December 2019 Newsletter


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Boxtops For Education

We will continue to collect the “Boxtops for Education” labels from specially designated products throughout the school year.  Please continue to send in those boxtops!



December 23rd to January 1st is the public school vacation.  Little Folks will be open for most of the week.   If you wish to take your one week of vacation during this time you must sign up for it before Friday, December 13th.  The sign-up sheet is located on the office door. 



Little Folks will be open until 1 PM on Tuesday, December 24th.  Little Folks will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, December 25th and 26th for the Christmas holiday.  Little Folks will reopen on Friday, Dec.27th.

Little Folks will also be closed on Wednesday, January 1st for the New Year’s Day holiday. We will be open until 5:30 PM on Tuesday, December 31st.


Holiday Parties

The Holiday Parties and Pajama Days for all classes will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, December17th and 18th.


Uncle Jerry’s T’s Fund – Raiser

Thank you to all who participated in the fund-raiser!  We very much appreciate your participation.  Orders have been received and distributed.  With the funds raised this year we will replace playground toys and have several enrichment programs for the children.

Snow Policy

If the Woburn Public Schools cancel school due to snow or if the Woburn Public Schools have any type of a delayed opening due to snow (not just a kindergarten delay), Little Folks will have a one hour delay in opening that day.  In either of these cases, Little Folks will open at 8 AM instead of at 7 AM.   The notice will be posted on our website and a recorded message will also be left on the answering machine.  Additionally, any closing or delay will be posted on the WHDH website and mobile app.  You can download the free app at


Health Care Policy

At this time of year it is important to remember the following part of our Health Care Policy:

     All staff members should take note daily of the color and condition of a child’s skin, eyes and overall appearance.  Staff should watch for the following symptoms and bring them to the immediate attention of the director:

  1. Watery, inflamed eyes or crusty eyes or eyelids.
  2. Glazed appearance of eyes.
  3. Dry cough.
  4. Inflamed nostrils.
  5. Heavy nasal discharge.
  6. Unusual irritability.
  7. Rash, sores, flushed appearance, clamminess, pallor or other unusual conditions of the skin.
  8. Contagious diseases, i.e. chicken pox, especially if it is prevalent in the community.


Upon observation of any of the above symptoms, the child’s parent shall be notified and expected to take the child home immediately.  A child who is unable to participate fully in the school program should be kept at home.  Whenever there is any doubt about a child’s health, the parent shall be asked to keep the child home for 24 hours.  If a child is sent home from school due to illness, that child must remain home from school the following day to allow him/her time to recover.


**Winter Clothing**

Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  We will still be going outside from time to time therefore all parents should be sure their children are dressed warmly enough to play outside.  All students should have hats and mittens or gloves.  All outerwear should be labeled with your child’s name. Then if it is left at school we will be able to return it to you.


Best Wishes to All for a Happy Holiday Season!!!


Pre-Kindergarten  – Ms. Marriah, Mrs. Donaghey, Ms. Linda and Ms. Sarah

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday!  November was a very busy month for us.  We talked about the First Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims came to America on the Mayflower to escape the mean king in England.   We learned how the Native Americans, especially one called, Squanto, taught the Pilgrims how to hunt, fish, and plant squash, corn, and pumpkins.  To say thank you for all of their help, the Pilgrims invited Chief Massasoit and the entire Wampanoag tribe to a big feast.  In honor of Thanksgiving, we had our own feast.  We ate corn bread, popcorn, and our class made cranberry sauce.  It was yummy!  We decorated our room with turkeys, cornucopias, scarecrows and Indian corn.   We learned a new poem, “The Turkey Is a Funny Bird”.  Did your child recite it for you?

Some of the books we read this month were: The First Thanksgiving, This Is the Sunflower, and ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.

December is here and we will be busy little elves getting our room ready for the winter holidays.  We might even have a visit from the big man himself.  We will also learn about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. 

Some of our special projects include:

Academics – number 4; shape – rectangle; color – green; letters –  Jj, Kk and Ll.

Art Activities – Stockings, candy canes, dreidels, reindeer, wreaths, gingerbread houses, and lights for our tree and windows!

Our Holiday Parties will be held on Tuesday, December 17th and Wednesday, December 18th. The children may wear their pajamas to school both days.  It sets the mood for reading The Polar Express.

For parents who would like to send in goodies for the party, a sign-up sheet will be posted.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!


Preschool – Ms. Stephanie, Mrs. Lilley, Ms. Angelee, Ms Natalie and Ms. Nancy

December is here! We are so excited – such a wonderful time of the year. We hope everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving!  We learned all about Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it.  We learned that Thanksgiving is a day to say “Thank You” and to be thankful.  We were busy decorating our room for Thanksgiving.  We made corn, dinner plates, Mayflowers, Pilgrims, Native Americans, handprint turkeys, a 1,2,3 Book, cornucopias and leaf foxes.  The color for November was blue and the shape was the square.

December is here and we are anxious to start decorating the room for the arrival of Christmas and Santa.  We will discuss and learn about both Christmas and Hanukkah. 

We have many projects planned for art: candy canes, stockings, wreaths, gingerbread men, trees, ornaments, reindeer, dreidels, gelt and menorahs..   The color for December is Green and the shape is the Rectangle.

Hopefully, a special visitor from the North Pole will stop by and visit us!   Our Holiday Parties will be held on  Tuesday and Wednesday, December 17th and 18th.   A sign-up sheet will be hanging next to the door if any parents would like to send in goodies for the parties. 

Happy Holidays!!  Happy New Year !!!